The ideal time to request the loan with your car as a payment guarantee

At HeartLand we offer you real and tangible solutions at the right time . There are many options that we have when it comes to getting money, either for a bank loan or a loan financing. However, today there is a way to get it easier and faster, in the most comfortable and discreet way and in less than 24 hours.

What is the ideal time?

Many times we have very high unforeseen expenses, in which we cannot collect the amount in the time we would like. For example, in the case of major illnesses that need expensive and sometimes sudden treatment; or the case of material seizures to companies that need it to continue their work ... In these cases, the bureaucracy of a bank can be a burden for certain situations. At HeartLand we don't take more than 48 hours to deliver the money to you, unlike conventional means of financing.

But the unforeseen are not the only moments in which HeartLand can help you. Let's say that, due to a small unpaid bill, we end up enrolled in files of delinquent users such as ASNEF or RAI. This is a real block to conventional financing means , since both banks and traditional finance companies will not be able to help you. If you need immediate money under these conditions, you will have to go to specialized financial services such as Ibancar.

Did you just pay for it? You can put your car as collateral

The ideal time to request a car loan as a guarantee of the payment with HeartLand

Taking into account the above, if you have just paid for your new car and you need money urgently, you can come to us. Remember that another of the conditions to access our financing is that your car is not more than 12 years old. And is that to access our loans you have to indicate that you have a fully paid car. But if you have just paid for it , that is, it is new or has little time, keep in mind that the value of your car will be higher than that of later years . If you want to know how it benefits you, keep reading.

At HeartLand we value your car using the GANVAM standard , all online and free of charge for you, and we offer you a maximum amount to request based on its value. That is, the more value it has, the more money you can request . However, this should not serve as an incentive to request money for no reason . Remember that our loans are special and for people who cannot access other means, and we always recommend that you go to your trusted bank or conventional financial companies if you want to get a lower interest. But if what you need is speed or a car loan regardless of Financial Credit Institutions, HeartLand is your solution .

What is the procedure?

It is very easy to apply for a car loan with HeartLand, you just have to follow these steps:

  • To start requesting our product, you must first fill out the form indicated on the main page.

  • After filling in the application, you must send us your ID, your last payroll and the technical sheet of the car that will be endorsed , you can do it through our website or by mail to the address

  • After sending your documentation, you must contact us by phone . This step is essential for your request to be processed, since, for your safety, we must verify the veracity of your data. In this call, we will review with you every detail of your financing .

  • As soon as you are satisfied with the conditions, you can take your car to the MIDAS center closest to your home to have it checked. HeartLand will reserve the appointment for you and we will confirm the day and time you should be there. The amount of this review is entirely at the expense of HeartLand, so that you do not have to bear that cost.

  • After verifying that your car meets the MIDAS quality standard, we will draft the loan contract and send it to you wherever you choose by MRW express courier, also fully paid by HeartLand and at no cost to you. You just have to sign the contract calmly and give it back to the courier.

  • Upon receiving the signed contract, we will prepare the transfer so that you receive your money in less than 24 hours.