Will Google Maps put an end to conventional GPS? Advantages of the application for drivers

Nowadays, smartphones and applications are replacing many electronic devices such as watches, calculators, PDAs, video game consoles, mp3s, cameras, etc.

Another device that is being replaced is the GPS, in this case by the Google Maps application for smartphones. The fact is that the mobile phone and the new applications offer many advantages to users, and specifically Google Maps, to people who are looking to find a place and do not know how. Therefore, we are going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of Google Maps compared to GPS.

Advantages of Google Maps

First of all, it should be noted that it is free , if you have a smartphone, so if you have requested a car loan or a car loan, and you are not willing to spend more money on a GPS, Google Maps is a good option . Another important advantage is that, even if you have got out of the car and are walking, you can continue looking for the location you need from your mobile.

On the other hand, Google Maps gives the option to view the locations in Street View mode, which allows you to see in detail the streets and surroundings of the location you are looking for, something very useful if you are lost. Another thing that Google Maps allows us is to easily view the points of interest of the places without having to preload them, points of interest such as hospitals, hotels, gas stations, banks, etc.

It should be noted that Google is constantly updating maps and locations, so you should not be concerned that they are out of date. In addition, it allows the owners or managers of the featured places to edit the contents and data of their premises or office so that they are updated. Finally, it is important to know that Google Maps gives you suggested results, something very useful if you do not know the exact name of the place where you are going.

Advantages of using Google Maps compared to conventional GPS

Disadvantages of Google Maps

First of all, it must be said that this application does not allow offline browsing so if you have run out of data it is useless if you do not access a Wi-Fi connection. Also, you can update the distance traveled more slowly if you suddenly lose signal with the satellite.

Another detail to highlight is that it consumes a lot of battery , so, if you are going to take a long trip, it is best to take your mobile well charged and a portable charger just in case. On the other hand, and unlike GPS navigators, it does not offer relevant details for the driver such as the speed at which it is circulating.

Finally, using Google Maps, we run the risk of being called on our mobile and the programmed route being cut off . We recommend that, if this happens, you stop somewhere safe to re-program it on your smartphone and not do it while driving, as you could have an accident.

As you can see, Google Maps offers many advantages, but it also has clear disadvantages that many GPS do not have, at least the high-end ones. Of course, in terms of technology and innovation, we must fully trust Google, so if now it can be said that high-end GPS are superior to the application, we can be sure that Google will continue to innovate until surpassing these browsers .

Advantages of using Google Maps compared to conventional GPS

In any case, we can say that the app is perfectly viable and useful, even better than some low-end GPS, so if you are not willing to buy a GPS, Google Maps will serve you without problems.

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