9 financial habits you should start today

Although it is difficult for us to have millions of euros in the bank, it is possible to live a little more comfortably if you start new financial habits. The 11 financial habits you should start today are:

1. Have a budget.

Think outside of fixed expenses like rent, car bills, and insurance. You have to take into account expenses like the hairdresser, the Saturday night outing, the cable TV, and so on. To simplify things you can put a limit of 50 euros per week for "fun".

2. Pay all your bills on time.

Set up reminders on your phone, set up automatic bill payment , or frequently check all your accounts and passbooks. In the end it will become a routine.

3. Does it carry out an? Automatic saving system?

This system consists of setting up an automatic transfer of a percentage of your salary (for example 5%) to another savings account that you should not touch , just at the beginning of the month, when your salary arrives. At first it will seem that you charge less but with time you will get used to it and after a while you will have in that other savings account a considerable amount that you can use on a trip, a reform or whatever you need.

4. Shop wisely.

You see a new pair of shoes in the shop window while you are shopping. Your instinct is to buy them right away, right? Before an impulsive action, do a little research on the internet, you may find them much cheaper . On sites like Amazon.com, for being a Premium member you get automatic discounts of up to 20%.

5. Communicate with your partner.

It is not only important to talk about each other's feelings. The same rule applies to your finances . Hiding money, keeping secrets, or not knowing about your partner's savings and spending are things that could go wrong.

6. Don't let money slip through the cracks.

Identify exactly where your money is going. You should always know how much is being spent and where . It is the fastest way to identify the weak points in your budget.

7. Check your balance every day.

Checking your balance is not time consuming and can help save on unnecessary expenses . If you know exactly how much money you have at any given time, you know exactly how much you should spend.

8. Have an emergency fund.

You will never know in advance when you are going to need the fund and that is what makes it so important. Unfortunately, there could be a problem with the car, a bill from the dentist, or something unforeseen that misfits your numbers.

9. Save for your retirement

? I have time to save so why worry about it? Many young people think that way, but the years we have to save money will unfortunately fly by. Putting this issue off even five years makes a big difference in how much we will have to enjoy in old age . By saving a small amount each month, it will accumulate over time and become a good fund.

It is not difficult to replace bad financial habits with good ones, but you can do it! It is never too late to change the way you manage your money.

What financial habits do you have? What's your top tip when it comes to handling money?