If you find yourself in search of money quickly and efficiently

Use your car to get the money you need

If you are in search of money quickly and efficiently, complying with all the legal parameters and within your assets you have something of value, such as your car , you have come to the right place. There are difficult times in our lives, where we need more capital than we are used to using, or simply, there is a project that is about to start and we have to wear a card up our sleeve.

It's time to get money instantly, choose to ask for a loan for your second-hand car to serve as collateral or simply consider a refinancing of it to make your life a little easier.

All this is possible from now on and guess from the comfort of your home in 24 hours.

As for our loans.

Choosing to choose HeartLand's services will be very useful, you don't have to leave your vehicle stranded anywhere and best of all, you can continue using it as usual.

There is a rather unusual climate around the world in terms of economy and our team is 100% willing to provide you with the necessary support to achieve your goals, providing the best service, and help you in whatever arises.

With the little? Push? financial and financing for up to 36 months to obtain what does not come out of your head, we offer you that great support that you need so much, with the advantage that we also think of you and a comfortable monthly payment.

We take advantage of our presence in the market, with years of experience offering car loans. Thousands of clients certify it, demonstrating their conformity that is increasingly obvious thanks to our values. Beyond financial aid, it is a contact with people, sharing, really serving and showing them a human warmth for a family feeling .

For our clients, there is the opportunity to opt for different loans up to 6000 euros , which are of great help in any type of situation of economic difficulty. We put the money and you guarantee with your car , the only essential requirement to do the business and complete the transaction. These types of transactions are carried out in a period of 48 hours , by fulfilling it you will have enough entries to guarantee by car.


  • Up to 70% of the value of your car, used and without the intention of retaining it, since you can continue using it as always when endorsing with a car.

  • It is not necessary to change ownership.

  • It must not exceed a period of 12 years and must be free of charges.

  • You must justify a source of income

Not for nothing are the advantages of choosing HeartLand loans , they are the best option you can find in the market, out there in the market there are hundreds of offers to carry out the same transaction, but you have to stop a bit to analyze and compare a little between rates, only then can you buy the best product.

If you have any questions, contact us . We are here to advise you and always have a cordial treatment with the client.

Examples showing this process.

  • The person needs a total of € 500 and will return them in 12 installments, he has a car under his belt. His name is Juan Macias, who decided to make a mortgage per car for just € 500, thinking of returning it in 12 easy installments. Throughout the contract, he continued with his life quietly, driving his vehicle, but nevertheless he returned the money in just 4 months, which meant an early amortization with only a small penalty.

  • This person wants to buy a car for € 5000, although he still needs € 2000 to cancel it. Lucia Carbonell, was able to get a loan in HeartLand of € 2000 (clearly it is less than the cost of 70% of the vehicle she was buying), returning it in a total of 24 months. He was able to get the car in his name, he drove it without irregularities, returning what had been loaned to him in just 24 installments.

  • And to finish with the examples, this person needs only € 5000, he plans to return them in 36 months, owning a car. His name is Manuel Foreges, the total was those € 5,000 (less than 70% of the total of his car). He refinanced his car, already paid and repaid the car mortgage in 36 installments, managing to amortize the capital from the first . He was able to continue using his vehicle, like our other two clients, who with our fees and services canceled the total and got what they were looking for.

If you require any type of information, request it without obligation, the discretion is total as well as the transparency. HeartLand is a practically new company, with state-of-the-art technology, this facilitates the online management process and we offer you support by telephone . If you are in doubt about something, call us at 952 86 46 45 or send us an e-mail to info@heartlandparishes.org

You can also refinance your second hand car with us.

Take advantage of this opportunity offered by the market to refinance a car , it is of great help if you have previously opted for a loan that is quite difficult to complete for your current situation. In short, we can help you pay for your current car, how? Well, if you acquired a loan to buy it, in our company you can opt for a refinancing for your car, which will pay the current installments and we will lower the interest rate making payments more accessible.

In this way, you opt for a credit that is not going badly for your pocket. This type of practice improves and strengthens your credit experience, this is because the moment the bank or any company observes the history, it certifies that your credit history is zero and your previous credit appears as paid.

Don't waste time and take advantage of financing your second-hand car , taking advantage of this strategy, as long as you consider whether a new loan will help you save money, instead of being a disadvantage in the future. We seek well-being for our clients, not just a car mortgage to harm people who have hard earned their money.

Now that you know the responsibility and if you need to refinance your car to cancel the total of the previous credit, our company HeartLand is ready to start all the procedures to apply now. This type of process takes a total of a few minutes, it is not at all extensive nor much less it will be tedious for you, we offer you quality even within the comfort of our procedures .

The duration of the loan

As for refinancing, you are offered a car endorsement loan that can be fully paid off in a period of 36 months. So, you can safely drive wherever you want. Don't run out of a car in an emergency.

According to the results of the car appraisal studies, the total loan that will be destined for you will be carried out. In short, assuming that the numbers do not give and you are thinking about opting for a much better offer, contact us at HeartLand , where we are ready to provide you with support to drown you from the refinancing of your beloved vehicle.

If you need liquidity, using your car is a great opportunity to obtain it, just in 48 hours nothing more, and don't forget that HeartLand offers the highest appraisal of your car compared to the sector.

Choose a loan for what?

Life becomes more and more a little more expensive every day, we sink into crisis, the salary is not enough, it is increasingly difficult to feed your family members. We are too many people in this corner of the universe, who are living a strong economic situation, money disappears like dust.

But not everything is bad news, there are companies out there that for monthly interest and a few installments are willing to lend money for our vehicle and best of all, without stopping using it, or altering the documentation. Also with the opportunity to cancel with simple and comfortable installments with a percentage in terms of interest.

If we are immersed in that problem, we find ourselves in the need to acquire that money to get out of a problem quickly and therefore with peace of mind you can cancel all the installments, take advantage of this car guarantee credit. Later, and very comfortable, they think about paying each of the installments, HeartLand is the company that offers seriousness and complies with all types of current legislation.

It is difficult to make this decision of course, the most common is that you go to the bank and request the credit from there, but surely it is more beneficial to obtain money per car, due to the saving of time and energy that are necessary to go to the bank to deliver some how many papers. Going to a bank without knowing if we have these papers, to wait a long time and without reaching a specific agreement (since the bank gives what it thinks best), is an alternative that we do not recommend.

This is how our credit works

In the first instance, this type of companies such as HeartLand that uses the car guarantee, operate in a conventional way: the person who has the need gets the stipulated amount of money and then makes a commitment to pay the loan within a set time, this time is dictated by the organization that grants the capital.

This is how the car performs a payment guarantee function, in such a way that, if the subscriber does not cancel, this mortgaged car can be sold to complete the money that is needed in the worst case that the debt is not canceled. It is worth noting, the company that stands out as a lender, under no circumstances, can keep the car directly in its possession in these two cases, since if the loan was made and is canceling it, you can use a car freely.

In the worst case: that the client cannot or refuses to cancel, according to the law; The car can be sold or auctioned publicly, with a special first option for the owner. Upon completion of this sale, the client would obtain sufficient liquidity to complete the debt of the car guarantee.

It is difficult for some, but if this tool is used responsibly, there is no problem in opting for a loan in this category, especially if we find ourselves in a dead end for different economic reasons. It is important to read each clause in the contract and make an analysis of our situation in the future to comply with the form of payment that the entity requires , you can get money easily and enjoy your vehicle with peace of mind.

At HeartLand , as you have been told before, we are willing to offer you our support, with the security of being a business, that is, a serious entity at your service and ensuring that the need that afflicts you is eliminated. Perhaps your need is more of a dream to fulfill, not everything in life has to be problems, in that case we will be just as happy and willing to be part of that helping hand.

We want to thank you for taking a little of your time when reading the content of this post, we hope to be your option, for the enjoyment of comfort in terms of our unique and unbeatable forms of payment.