How can I know if what I need is a refinance?

At HeartLand , Servicios Financieros, we offer you real and tangible solutions at the right time. There are many options that we have when it comes to getting money, either for a bank loan or a loan financing. However, today there is a way to get it easier and faster, in the most comfortable and discreet way and in less than 24 hours.

At present, much has become known about the car loan figure that is intended to acquire used cars or second-hand cars , through which the entity that makes the loan receives a check or a kind of order payment that is used to finance the purchase of a second-hand car through another person as a private individual. From this procedure it is important that we take into account that like all loans, car loans involve financing costs where the car becomes the guarantee of the loan payment, so it is important that you do not access a credit that Exceed the warranty period and useful life of the second-hand car.

What is the procedure?

You may have to make a down payment to refinance your car . If your credit has changed since your original loan, the loan-to-value ratio and loan amount you were approved for may be different than your original loan. Organize your refinancing in advance and figure out how much you can offer for the down payment, if it is within your reach. You can also urge a car loan provider to find out if they ask for a down payment instead of offering one yourself. If not, you may have to wait until the car's principal and loan amount match to avoid providing a down payment.

If since you started your loan, it has undergone changes, you may not be able to find worthwhile refinancing due to an increase in interest rate, a short term required by your lender or a down payment requirement. If this is your case, you can request a loan refinancing with a car guarantee , or someone with excellent credit to certify your loan.