15 Tips to pass the ITV with Outstanding

As we all know, in this country, the ITV (technical inspection of vehicles) is a mandatory process for anyone who has a means of transport, whatever it is: car, motorcycle, etc. Of course, it is a challenge to pass the ITV with an A.

To be honest, all of us who have a vehicle or any other means of transport on the road should pass the ITV with an outstanding mark, because this inspection of our vehicle is essential to certify that it is in the proper conditions to travel safely. No one can deny that a car in poor condition is very dangerous, not only for those who drive it, but also for those around them.

How often do I have to pass the ITV?

The regularity with which you will have to do this type of verification will depend on the age of your car. If you have a car that is 4 to 10 years old, it should be verified every two years, if it is more than 10 years old, then it will have to be verified every year.

If your car is less than 4 years old, then it will be exempt from it.

Now, the inspection, as we have already mentioned, what it does is verify that the car or any other vehicle is operating within the standards, thus guaranteeing that there is greater safety at the road level, but also, with the inspection, they ensure that not harm the environment.

15 tips to pass the ITV with an A

The ITV is one of the most important reasons why you have to keep your vehicle in perfect or good condition, let's say in the best possible condition. And to achieve this, the most advisable thing is to visit the mechanic before even thinking of going to an appointment at the ITV.

If you go to the mechanic before the appointment, you will be able to foresee if there are any faults and repair them, since otherwise, you will not pass the ITV and you will have to visit the mechanic anyway.

Passing the ITV with outstanding marks, it has no magic, it is as easy as being aware of fixing or solving the small problems that your car may have before verification and that's it.

15 Tips to pass the ITV

So, as we have commented in the article, we want you to know this list of tips to pass the ITV with an A, are you ready to know it?

  • Check the electrical system
    Verify that the entire electrical system works perfectly, the lights are essential, check that they are suitable for all kinds of situations, long, low, fog lights, turn signals, etc.

  • Test the car's suspension
    The suspension is in charge of stabilizing the vehicle when traveling on uneven terrain, offering safety to the driver. Review it well with your mechanic beforehand.

  • Brake system, don't forget
    Make sure the brakes are in perfect condition, also include the handbrake in the review.

  • Are the tires okay?
    The rims or tires are also very important, they must have a good tread, thus ensuring that they have a good grip when braking.

  • Beware of seat belt wear
    The seat belt, we use it constantly and this can sometimes cause wear or dislocation in the anchor. Many times these problems can go unnoticed, but for ITV, they will need to be in perfect condition.

  • Check the levels of each liquid
    Is it very important to check the level of fluids such as: coolants, transmission fluid, oil, filters, etc? so that they conform to the values ​​that your car model requires.

  • Check the address yourself
    It is very easy to check the direction for yourself: when you drive, let go of the steering wheel for a second, as long as the terrain is straight, if it deviates even slightly, it will be necessary to take it to review, it is possible that they make an alignment. Do not forget to carry out this test when you consider that security is not in danger, if it can be, out of circulation, for example, in a parking lot.

  • Extra Security Elements
    Elements such as the door locks or the airbag are also checked at the ITV. Keep an eye on them, especially if your car has state-of-the-art electrical extras.

  • Check the windshields and windows
    They must be without cracks, especially the windshields, the windows must also be in good condition, that they close and open without any problem.

  • accessories
    Accessories such as windshield wipers must also be in good condition, also their respective rubbers, etc.

  • Adjust the Mirrors
    The rear view mirrors are important in the review, especially the left one. Make sure they can be adjusted without problem and that the automatic mechanical folding mechanism works well.

  • Beware of the timing belt
    As it is an internal element of the car and is not visible to the naked eye, we must pay special attention here. Remember that depending on the model, even the version (year), it has a different replacement time.

  • Motor
    Like the timing belt, the engine is not something to be seen with the naked eye. However, it is easier to notice if there are abnormalities in it if you use the car regularly. Preventively, it is a good idea to have it checked before your appointment.

  • Transmission
    Check that the gearbox is working properly, that all the gears engage properly and that the clutch has nothing unusual (for example, its characteristic smell when it wears out). If you have an automatic car, you will notice these anomalies less, so you should pay special attention

  • Noise level and CO2
    Remember that they will examine the noise and air pollution of your car in the inspection. To carry out these tests, the car must be exposed to certain revs, something that you cannot do yourself, so don't forget to check the level of these emissions with your trusted mechanic.

The maintenance of a vehicle, in addition to helping to get an outstanding ITV, is also necessary in cases where it is required to make a car pawn or request a loan for your car.

Since, being in good condition, your vehicle can be priced at a better price without a doubt, which is favorable for the need at that time.

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