Alternatives to an official renewal plan

The government offers financial aid to encourage the retirement of old cars and the purchase of new ones. Among all of them, the best known incentive program is the PIVE Plan. But not all that glitters is gold . From an economic point of view, it is not as attractive as it seems to benefit from this type of renewal plan. And the official houses use some abusive tricks to take advantage of the situation.

You can get money for your car without having to face the purchase of a new one.

There is a much more interesting alternative to take advantage of that car that is already a few years old but that you still want to continue using. It is a loan with the car as collateral. You can get money for your car without having to face the purchase of a new one.

Conditions of a plan renew

A renew plan can currently provide you with up to € 2,000. If you have a large family, or suffer from a disability, the figure rises to € 3,000. But that money is provided under certain conditions. The vehicle you own must be over 10 years old and must be deregistered, thus ending up in a scrapyard.

In addition, it is essential to buy a new car so that they grant you the help. With these conditions, you will already be realizing that this money is not so easy to get. And you will also have noticed that it results in a great expense.

Alternatives to an official renewal plan
There are cars that deserve to be used a little more before sending them to the scrapyard.

These are not the only problems. Surely, your car, even if it is more than 10 years old, is in perfect condition. Is very habitual. When a car is cared for and maintained properly, it usually has a very long useful life. You can keep driving it. It is not worth sending it to a scrapyard when it can still drive many more kilometers.

In addition, the official houses take advantage of the situation and do not pay you anything for the vehicle . Sometimes they even force you to pay to "get rid of it." The reality is that these official houses will get economic performance from your car. In the scrapping they take out the parts that can be resold. And the metal also has economic value.

On the other hand, there is the obligation to buy a new car in order to obtain the help of the renewal plan. If you do not have the money to buy the vehicle, many official houses offer you a discount on the price for financing it. It seems like the perfect offer, you don't have to pay anything and they also give you a discount. But in the end you will have to buy a new car. And pay it.

In this case there is another additional problem, the conditions to obtain the loan are harsh. If your name is in the RAI or ASNEF records, they will not grant you the car credit . And if you are retired or unemployed, it will also be an almost impossible mission.

The great alternative to the renew plan

There is an alternative. You do not need to give in to the official houses. It is not profitable from an economic point of view to buy a new car just to get the help of a renewal plan. You can get money in 48 hours through our website and continue driving your vehicle.

If you have a specific need, you can request a quick personal loan. We can provide you with amounts much higher than € 500 only with the guarantee of your car. We will not ask you to give us the car, you can continue using it as usual . The only thing we require is that you bring all the documentation up to date, and that the car does not have charges or liens. The vehicle must be less than 12 years old.

And do not worry if you are on the RAI or ASNEF lists, we will grant you the credit anyway . If you are unemployed, or have retired, you can also request a loan without problems.