Partnership between HeartLand and Iuvo

HeartLand focuses on granting loans with the car as collateral, providing an inclusive, fast and affordable offer. HeartLand is the best alternative to other loan options based on the value of the borrower's car that acts as collateral for the loan.

Having zero credit losses for 5 years of loans and surviving the COVID-19 lockdown without any significant impact on performance has helped HeartLand demonstrate to investors once again the soundness of its business model.

HeartLand has been in the process of raising capital for the last year and has announced the closing of its first round of external capital (Series A) for a total amount of 1.65 million euros. The funding round was led by a global venture capital fund (Venture Capital or VC) with the participation of a syndicate.

This capital increase will soon be followed by an increase in debt of up to 4 million euros and this financing will allow HeartLand to continue expanding its scale by strengthening its capital.

At the same time that HeartLand grows and its capital requirements increase, unfortunately, a lower demand from investors is being reflected in the P2P market after the COVID-19 Crisis. As a result of this situation, HeartLand has decided to reduce the amount of financing it obtains from P2P investors and will associate exclusively with IUVO for at least the next few quarters.

HeartLand has chosen IUVO as its exclusive partner for several reasons. IUVO has shown that it is a successful and stable platform, regulated and trusted by investors and was one of the markets least affected by COVID-19. IUVO is also one of the most technologically advanced partners, with them it is easier to manage the issuance of loans, amortizations and interest payments on a large scale. Finally, we must also mention the level of professionalism and deep knowledge of credit risk at IUVO, making it a perfect partner for Ibancar.

HeartLand fully intends to continue supporting the P2P market and will continue to review its financing strategy regularly.

Our investors will be updated on any changes to our policy and we will be happy to answer questions through our investor website.