Responsible Lender - The HeartLand vision

Order EHA / 2899/2011 establishes conditions for responsible loans from the point of view of financial institutions.

However, here at HeartLand, our vision is to go beyond the concept, reaching human values. For us, being a responsible lender also means:

  • Transparency - Nobody likes the fine print and conditions that are only discovered during the loan. We know it and that's why we don't have it!

  • Friendly and respectful treatment - All people can have unexpected situations and our goal is always to help find a solution.

  • Provide value - The fact that we don't care about Asnef or RAI has a reason. Although we are a company and we need growth, like everyone else, we believe faithfully in helping people. Whatever you're in trouble for, we'll try to help you out!

So we consider ourselves a Responsible Lender. Not only because of what we do, but because of the vision that we share and the value that, every day, we try to contribute to our society.