The best month to request your loan

Are you already thinking of December? We know why. 

December is the perfect month to apply for loans with better conditions and more financing facilities. 

It turns out that December has been the month with the cheapest average interest in the financial credit sector for five years.

And it is that in December all financial institutions must meet objectives, so they add loan facilities and open the range of conditions. 

Therefore, if you are thinking of requesting a loan, perhaps now is the time to call your trusted financier and be alert to new offers that are going to come out, since the last month of the year is approaching, a perfect time to apply for a loan personal. 

But if you also own a car that has already been paid for, have a salary or a pension, things are even easier, since with your car as collateral you can request a loan at HeartLand and have it in less than 48 hours. 

True to our values, at HeartLand we try to help people who need a punctual financial contribution, granting loans in an agile and fast way, that is why in this last stage of the year we want to facilitate even more access to our loans. 

If you really need financial aid you can request it completely digitally, with total discretion and confidence. 

At HeartLand we want to become a totally tangible alternative to traditional loans that do not offer flexibility and do not understand the real needs of the client.