Do you know how crowdlending works?

HeartLand, Sartup Fintech Spanish active in the online loan sector, is associated with the VIVENTOR Crowdlending / P2P platform

HeartLand is the result of four years of digital entrepreneurship based on the Fintech model, an evolution of new alternative financial entities that focuses on offering online loans up to € 6000. A new solution for those who do not have access to conventional forms of credit and who their banks do not serve.

From the USA, moving away from the traditional bureaucracy, prioritizing the speed and agility of the procedures, HeartLand has managed to consolidate itself as a Sartup Fintech, demonstrating the new possibilities offered by the digital age to entrepreneurs with vision and ambition.

Making use of new technologies, HeartLand has been able to provide its clients with a loan guaranteed for their second-hand cars since its inception, creating a reliable and tangible product available to everyone.

? At HeartLand we focus on the needs of the client, who needs a simple, fast process and is available 100% online. We are positioning ourselves as a leading innovative lender in the industry. We reward transparency, key to day-to-day success, which translates into customer satisfaction. Ester Ruíz Nuñez, Director of Ibancar.

These characteristics have led HeartLand to capture the attention of VIVENTOR, a Crowdlending / P2P platform. 

Crowdlending is based on the use of online investment platforms called P2P where the lender offers their loans directly to the investor. 

The loans issued and managed by HeartLand , each backed by a car, are now available to investors from a minimum investment of € 10. From digital platforms, individual investors can buy total or partial loans obtaining a return much higher than what they could obtain by depositing their money in banks and with a potentially lower risk than the Stock Market.

In fact, to start investing in this type of project, it is simply necessary to create an account on the investment platform.

In the first place, they are an alternative to deposits and savings accounts that currently offer very low interest rates.

In addition, they allow you to invest completely online as well as choose the level of risk you want to assume.

Therefore, when investing in P2P platforms, the investor ensures that the loan's viability and security have been previously verified.

This partnership between HeartLand and VIVENTOR marks a new milestone in digital strategy, constantly betting on new methods of online entrepreneurship.