GANVAM appraisal and how it works

GANVAM is the acronym for Autonomous Group of Sellers of Automobiles, Trucks and Motorcycles . It is an association with total freedom and that acts in the interest of its members. Thanks to the law on association regulation, the objectives of GANVAM are the following:

Representation, advice and defense of the interests of its members.

Relationship and collaboration with the different departments of the Administration.

Participation in the name of your collective.

Promotion before the Administration.

To get a correct appraisal when requesting a car loan, our company is based on this legislation and does so through the GANVAM tables. These tables are the ones that compile all vehicle models and versions, with their own economic valuation based on their age . They are updated every three months and contain all the necessary statistical data when appraising a car, for example, for a fast personal loan. The appraisal in question does not look at the mileage, general condition or extras of the vehicle. Therefore, it has a fully estimated value.

The only thing that we must take into account when using the car as a guarantee for the GANVAM appraisal in our company is that the vehicle is not more than twelve years old, has all the documentation up to date and is free of charges or embargoes. Thanks to our company, you will be able to pay the loan in comfortable terms of 12, 24 or 36 months and with a maximum APR interest of 18%.

Why do we use GANVAM in HeartLand

To get an appraisal of these characteristics, the client can contact our company at any time. We are dedicated to assessing the age of the vehicle and offering a loan in a period of 48 hours and without the need for you to deliver your vehicle at any time. It is an easy and simple way to obtain a loan using the vehicle as collateral.

Mortgaging the car is not easy, but we provide all the existing facilities to make it as comfortable as possible for the client. That is, you can get up to 6,000 euros in a comfortable way and without delivering the car at any time or paying a rental for it. While many quick credit companies offer low-cost loans, we offer much more.

All people can access our loans, since we do not check if the client is self-employed or a pensioner. Everyone receives our services in the same way. We do not discriminate against anyone, since each person has an economic situation and needs. We only want to help people who cannot obtain a normal credit from any bank by providing one to suit them without any problem.

What is GANVAM and how does it work?

A unique GANVAM appraisal

HeartLand has a fully functional way of working for our clients. The client himself calculates the amount he needs and the terms in which he can pay it; It tells us your car model and license plate, to make the GANVAM appraisal correctly; complete the application online or by phone or WhatsApp; and, in less than 48 hours, you have the money in your checking account. We just want to help customers. Therefore, we are totally flexible with people who need a loan and we do not take into account if they appear in a registry of defaulters. Therefore, we calculate your car so that you get up to 70% of its value and with a maximum of 6,000 euros of car credit and you can always maintain the vehicle as normal.

For this reason, we consider that this type of appraisal is the fairest when granting credits. Anyone can request information on our website without any kind of commitment.