What is capital amortization and why are you interested in it?

Do you have a large pending expense and cannot get the amount you want? If you need your car loan and you need it now, but you have run into various problems when it comes to finding the ideal car loan for your needs, keep reading because this interests you.

What is capital amortization?

Here we are going to explain what amortized capital is and why our loans are more advantageous for the user than most of the ones you will find out there.

The amortization of the capital is the return of the amount of money that has been requested, of the specific amount of the credit that you requested. Normally, when you repay a loan, you are paying both the money you borrowed and the interest on the loan. The problem is that most of the entities or lenders to whom you can go to request a loan, will make you pay the interest first and then the money you borrowed, that is, at first they cover their need and charge the interest that you owe them and then, at the end, in the last installments, is when you will pay specifically that money that you borrowed. We do not do it like that, because we know that it is not the most advantageous for you and, therefore, we prefer to opt for a capital amortization from the first installment .

How to pay off capital with a car loan

Therefore, in most sites, you spend the first monthly payments exclusively paying interest, that is, all the money you pay is used to pay interest and not to pay the amount that was loaned to you at the time. As time goes by, you end up paying less interest and the total of the money that was loaned to you. We prefer not to do so, but the payment of the amount loaned from the first moment occurs, that is, your money goes to pay what was loaned to you and not for interest .

The loans, in our company, are amortized from the first installment, that is, from the first month, which is immensely advantageous for you, because instead of finding yourself with an amount of money to pay right at the end of the last installment , which is what is used to pay the loan, when you reach the last installment you will have already amortized everything .

We offer credits to pay in 12, 24 or 36 months and the procedure is online, simple and very comfortable for you. From the moment you request the loan on our website and we speak with you by phone to establish the contracting conditions, until the moment you have your money available, 48 hours pass . More comfortable and simple is impossible.

If you have a large immediate expense, you need a quick personal loan of more than 500 euros, we understand it and we support you in your decision. If you come to us with the need for an amount greater than 500 euros, you will have your money in 48 hours after a short and very simple online procedure. We offer a fast personal loan of various amounts. You can request a credit of 1,000 euros or even up to 6,000 euros, just in 48 hours and with a very easy process for you and completely online. The endorsement of your old car or any second-hand vehicle is sufficient, although it must be free of charges and, of course, it must have all the documents in order and be less than twelve years old, but, of course , this does not mean that you should deliver your car or anything like that. You keep driving it and using it normally, it's your car, it just works as collateral. We do everything with the idea of ​​providing you with the greatest possible comforts.

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