Tips for buying a second hand car

The second-hand car market is very different from that of new cars, because it is a sector where you can find cars that sooner or later could become our downfall. You even have the possibility to benefit by finding a vehicle at a reasonable price and in good condition.

But, this depends on following a series of steps so that we are not cheated when buying a second hand car . Thus. Here we show you some tips that we should follow:

Buy from an individual?

With the emergence and rise of the Internet, a revolution has arisen around the buying and selling of second-hand cars between individuals. The posters in the windows of the cars with little information about the vehicle were forgotten. More and more stakeholders are entering the digital world to sell their car or to buy one at a price that suits their needs. But it is obvious that buying from a private individual the cost is lower than what you can find in a specialized dealer.

However, choosing to buy from a private individual or in an establishment involves a series of advantages and disadvantages that must be previously evaluated such as: the condition of the vehicle, both in its exterior and interior, the method of payment can be another difficulty , in other aspects.

Buying from a dealer

If we really want to bet on the security of not regretting our purchase, it is advisable to go to a dealership and buy our second-hand car in these specialized car sales venues , since they offer many more advantages than buying it from an individual.

The best options when it comes to getting a second-hand car

Why? Any dealer is legally obliged to offer a one-year warranty on all the vehicles it offers. They also provide detailed information on the history of the car , so you will know if its previous owner carried out the car's maintenance correctly (through the maintenance book or invoices), as well as that its mileage has not been tampered with.

Another favorable aspect is that you will have the opportunity to choose from a greater variety of second-hand cars within the margin of our budget , since they have an extensive range in relation to prices and different car models, as well as the possibility of find more flexible financing conditions.

You cannot ignore these aspects

Regardless of the option you have chosen, you cannot ignore having the car checked before buying it. Therefore, you should be aware of:

  • Its external appearance: it is ideal to do a visual check on all aspects of the vehicle body. In search of any defect that tells us if the car has suffered a mishap.

  • Its interior appearance: the wear of some parts (steering wheels, pedals, seats, etc.) will give us clues about the use of the car.

  • The lighting and electrical systems: when detecting any irregularity in this regard, it is best to doubt the credibility of the establishment the person.

  • The Tires: check the condition of the tires of the second hand car, in case of showing a lot of wear, it can be a reason to negotiate a price with the seller.

  • Engine appearance: even if you do not know mechanics, always raise the hood of the car and observe the level of cleanliness of the engine.

  • Test drive: This last step is essential, whenever you buy a second-hand car you must have driven it before, even if it is new. Do not buy it without having previously tried it.