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Get up to € 6,000 with your car as collateral
without changing the holder

thousands of clients have already trusted us

Your car guarantees you without removal of the vehicle , without change of ownership and without rental for driving.

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Return example : Between 12 and 36 months. APR max. 19.8% - Example: € 1000 at 12 months APR: 19.8%. Cost € 198. Total: € 1,198

Why choose us?

Compare for yourself our services with other loans with car guarantee

Lead time Urgent Quick
Flexible conditions YES NO
It is necessary to go to the Notary NO YES
Amortize Capital in installments YES NO
Final Fee NO YES
Change of ownership NO YES
Car in Deposit NO YES
Rent to use your car NO YES
Maximum amount for your car Up to 60% value Up to 50% value
Antique car Up to 12 years Up to 10 years in deposit
Services Pack included YES NO

How the car endorsement credit works

Only 4 steps to get what you want


Indicate your car data
so we can price it


Enter your details and attach
your documentation


Call us to confirm
financing details


We deposit the money
in less than 48 hours

Advantages for clients

Exclusive to HeartLand

credit with asnef

It doesn't matter if you are

Our commitment to help our clients leads us to look closely at each case regardless of the precedents. We are flexible with people, therefore, although we will take into account all the data, if you belong to a registry of defaulters, you can get your money with us.

60% vehicle value

Up to 60%
the value of the vehicle

With the HeartLand car credit, get up to € 6000 depending on the value of your car once it is appraised. You can make your car profitable up to 60% without stopping driving it.

Keep driving it

Use your car

At HeartLand we do not oblige to keep the car in any deposit nor do we charge the client any rent for using it . In addition, the vehicle is still in your name , mortgage your car and use it as usual.

Self-employed, unemployed or pensioners

Does not matter
your situation

If you are self-employed or a pensioner, you can access our services with total normality, since your car guarantees. We understand that economic needs appear in any circumstance, therefore, we want to be flexible with our clients and with their situation.

Ganvam Report

We rely on the
vehicle age

The amount of money you can get depends on the age of your car. To measure this, we use the official scale of GANVAM (The National Association of Sellers of Motor Vehicles, Repair and Parts)

Includes service pack

Service pack

With each car loan, HeartLand offers its clients a service pack.

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I loan with your car

HeartLand is the best option in the car pawn market. You can get money for your car when you mortgage a vehicle, that is, a loan with a car guarantee, in just 48 hours and taking into account that you can access our loans even if you are in ASNEF. So if you need credit being in Financial Credit Institutions with a car guarantee, you can get it by mortgaging your car with us, because mortgaging a vehicle has never been so easy. Thank you for trusting HeartLand, where refinancing a car is the best solution to your problems. And if you have searched for "endorse car" in Google and you have found us, you just need to fill out the form .

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